Abnormal behaviour and/ unwanted behaviour shown by horses

Problems occurring within the stable

Problems within the functional-cycle of feeding:

• Cribbing and wind sucking
• Excessive tolerance of the tongue as well as excessive licking of objec
• Biting bars and scraping teeth along stall trellises
• Wood chewing
• Coprophagy and excessive uptake of earth
• Polyphagia nervosa (Excessive uptake of food)
• Pica

Problems within the functional-cycle of locomotion:

• Weaving
• Stall walking and excessive fences walking
• Tail swishing and excessive pawing
• Beating against the stall walls and boundaries

Problems within the functional-cycle of social behaviour:

• False imprinting of behaviour, sexuality
• Self mutilation syndrome
• Hyper agitation (within the group/herd, maternal and sexual aggression)
• Foal rejection

Problems within the functional-cycle of comfort behaviour:

• Excessive tail rubbing
• Excessive grooming
• Headshaking

Problems within the functional-cycle of resting:

• Not lying down, not being able to rest

Problems with handling and domesticity  

• Re-capturing problems
• Leading problems
• Trailoring problems
• Problems with hoof maintenance, as well as problems at the blacksmith’s
• Aggressive when being handled (biting and kicking)

Unwanted behaviour when being exercised  

• Elongation of the tongue
• Headshaking when being exercised
• Excessive bonding
• Excessive shying
• Excessive bucking
• Bocken
• Problems whilst putting on saddle and bridle

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