Pet Care

can be ridden, just cleaned and fed, mucked out, lunged, walked, or simply just turned out and put back in to their stable.
We can discuss which of these services you wish to put together in your package.
Prices will be calculated depending on how much effort is involved in the complete service pack.

will be looked after if you are going on holiday or just for every day routine, if you have to go to hospital and , etc.
Dogs will be walked due to their daily routine as well as desired by the owner.
Only dogs that know each other will be taken for a walk together. Security before leniency.

can be fed once or twice a day as desired by owner. Grooming, cleaning cat litter and changing water are included in the price.

other Animals:
Naturally we also take care and feed other animals like rabbits, hamsters, as well as any exotic creatures (snakes, geckos, lizards etc.).

Watering the plants and emptying the letter box are included in the service.

How it works:
We will come and visit you, without obligation and commitment, to discuss which service you require for your pet.

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