Animal Communication

What is animal communication?

Well that is fairly easy to answer. I use telepathy to talk to your animal. I know what you’re thinking, that’s not possible, well our pets talk to each other like that day after day. So just because we are human beings we can’t use telepathy, why not? We just have to learn to listen, practice and open our minds. Our so called mute friends have lots to say and are very interesting, we can learn from them. You can actually talk to any animal/creature on this planet, by using telepathy. And that’s exactly what I can do for you. All consultations and conversations will be kept strictly confidential. I will only talk to your animal whenever you wish to do so and a third party member will only be informed if you tell me to.

Misunderstandings take place between humans and animals day after day, and that’s where I would like to bridge, by offering assistance to all parties. This is why DISCRETION and PRIVACY are very important. 

What’s telepathy?

Actually it’s a form of exchanging or transmitting of thoughts. Some see pictures, other actually hear words. We all had to start suppressing this ability from an early stage, and now it’s about time we stopped doing so and revive our abilities. And who could be better teachers then our pets and animals. Everybody can do this, if only you wish to do so. Why we chose to lose this gift, or were forced to lose it, well guess we will never know. But what we know is that telepathy can travel long distance and overcome any border, and that’s why it’s so interesting. The animal doesn’t even have to be close to be able to talk to it.


We can ask the animal if it is in distress, pain or experiencing fear, even it’s wishes. There are things we can NEVER EVER rule out. Going to the vet for instance, this is indispensable. And can not be replaced, ever. That’s why it is so important to set boundaries. We can’t always expect an answer to our questions. We have to respect that our animals have got a right to privacy as well as we do, which we have to respect. Respect is the key word here…

Animals live HERE AND NOW. This is the reason why some statements can be incomplete sometimes.

Are you interested, and would like to have an appointment? This is how it works?

To make an appointment all you have to do is phone me. In case it’s not possible for me to pick up the phone, please leave a message on my answering machine (phone number, name and your concern). I will be happy to phone you back to arrange an appointment.

Clock’s do tick different at times, and if the time for your appointment has come and you happen to reach the answering machine (or the phone is occupied), please have some patience, it might be that the consultation before you has not yet finished and took a little longer then expected. Please try again.

Please formulate your questions short and precise and if you wish to tape/record the conversation, you can certainly do so. In any case, pen and paper are always helpful to write down the answers.

Relax, make sure you don’t get distracted or disturbed. Important: Please do not phone me from your mobile phone, use a main line. This will prevent unwanted interferences and even interceptions.

And now it is my pleasure in experiencing a wonderful collaboration with you and your animal. We can learn so much from them and find out more about there lives. What could be nicer then being able to understand each other! And now we can do so!

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