Animal Behaviour

The theory of ethnology about horses,dogs and cats are essential for the Animal Behaviourist. It simultaneously gives a very detailed knowledge in working and understanding animals, as well as respecting the view of animal welfare. The Animal Behaviourist’s aim is to differ between abnormal behaviour and unwanted behaviour. This can only be achieved by observing the animal during the situation, in which the undesirable behaviour occurs. A detailed analysis and documentation is required, to arrange and apply a successful therapy. The Animal Behaviourist has to determine whether a short- or long-term therapy is required.


Abnormal behaviour

An abnormal behaviour is an attitude, which considerably differs in terms of modality, frequency and continues to deflect from normal behaviour

Unwanted behaviour

Among this behaviour pattern we comprehend and correspond to the normal behaviour of the horse/ the dog in a broader sense, which however causes problems with the keeping (cohabitation) and the domesticity of the animal.

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